Where to stay in Istanbul

Istanbul is a huge city but fortunately the main attractions are mostly close to each other and in the historical center. Therefore the best place to stay on a first visit will be in Sultanahmet or the surrounding neighborhoods like Sirkeci and Eminonu.

Places like Taksim (heart of the new city), Karakoy, Tophane and Kabataş are also good options and less expensive ones. All these places are very well connected to Sultanahmet (by tram).

Accommodation options

You can find all kinds of accommodation in Istanbul: feel like a Sultan in some of the most luxurious hotels in the world or sleep in a bunk bed in a budget hostel. From an extreme to the other you will find options for all kinds of budgets and tastes.

Hostels: This new trend in hospitality business has arrived to Istanbul. The pros are the price, of course and often, the location. You will share a room with other travelers and make new friends but there’s also a big lack of privacy and service. This is the best option for the tightest budgets.

Budget Hotels: These hotels are something between Hostels and Hotels. They provide a bigger privacy and service than hostels but the facilities are simpler than the Hotels’. Check our Istanbul Hotels page and find out more.

Hotels: A lot of hotels in Istanbul have an amazing rooftop view and most of them have great breakfasts waiting for you. You can also count with pools and even private Hamams in some of them. The staff will be always ready to answer your requests as Turkish Hospitality is very famous worldwide.

Boutique Hotels:A more refined version of normal hotels. These hotels invest a lot on decoration and art. They are small but luxurious and are comfortable, intimate and welcoming. You will feel at home and have a very personalized service from the staff.

Luxury Hotels: have everything you might ask for. Situated in the most privileged parts of Istanbul, there’s nothing you can’t have while staying in a Luxury Hotel. The staff will go all the way to fulfill your requests and surpass your expectations. From the most delicious food in the country to the best views, you can have it all.