Useful Turkish Words and Expressions

Turkish is not an easy language and because it’s so different from English it’s also very hard for Turks to learn it. It’s very common, even in the most touristic areas, to find people who don’t speak English very well (or at all). Therefore we are put together this list of words that will make your days in Turkey easier.


Hi!  Merhaba!

Good morning!  Günaydın!

Good evening! İyi akşamlar! (used after 12AM until 12PM)

Welcome!     Hoş geldiniz!

How are you?   Nasılsın(ız)? (the ız is used for you plural or as formal)

I’m fine, thanks!              İyiyim, teşekkür ederim!

Thank you (very much)!               (Çok) teşekkür ederim! or teşekkürler

See you later!   Görüşürüz! (you will hear it for sure!)


Turkish Expressions and Questions      

Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)?  Tuvalet/ eczane nerede?

How much is this?           Bunun fiyatı ne kadar?

I’m Sorry! (if you don’t hear something)                 Efendim?

What? Where?    Ne? Nerede?

Good/ Bad/       iyi/ kötü

Big/ Small            büyük/ küçük

Today/ Now      Bugün/ şimdi

Tomorrow/ Yesterday  yarın/ dün

Yes/ No                  evet/ hayır

I love you!    Seni seviyorum!

Help!  İmdat!

Stop!     Dur!

One, Two, Three, Four, Five     Bir, Iki, Üç, Dort, Bes

Turks enjoy if you try to speak a bit of their language. Don’t be shy, go for it! If you are curious how to say something else, tell us and we will help you : )