Polish Village

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Polonezkoy (AdamPol)
Polish Village; Polonezköy, although still within the city, is 25 km. away from the centre and not easy to reach by public transport. The name is translated as “village of the Poles” and has a fascinating history: It was established in 1848 by Prince Czartorisky, leader of the Polish nationals who was granted exile in the Ottoman Empire to escape oppression in the Balkans. During his exile, he succeeded in establishing a community of Balkans, which still survives, on the plot of land sold to him by a local monastery.

Since the 1970s the village has become a popular place with local Istanbulites, who buy their pig meat there (pig being forbidden under Islamic law and therefore difficult to get elsewhere).

What attracts most visitors to Polonezkoy is its vast green expanse, which was designated Istanbul’s first national park, and the walks though forests with streams and wooden bridges. Because of its popularity, it gets crowded at weekends and the hotels are usually full.

When you reach to Polonezkoy, you will see the small square. It can easily be called the center, there lays a nice tea house under the shadow of an old tree. The famous Leonardo cafe is just adjacent and some small restaurants and shops are also available. You may also have the chance to see the small honey museum. Honey from Polonezkoy is very popular.

After a short rest at the center, you shall see the signs of the walking path. There is a 5 km long walking path a long the forest nearby. It is a tough path with up hills and down hills, however it is great for a healthy weekend. If you succeed to complete the path, you will end up in the same place and now is the time for some food. Many restaurants in Polonezkoy are using touristy tariffs, so just be careful about the cost.

Accommodation at Polonezkoy:
Club Adampol:  Cumhuriyet Cad. No:23 Polonezkoy Tel:0216 432 31 56 Fax: 0216 432 31 54
Polka Hotel: Cumhuriyet Yolu No:36, Polonezkoy. Tel: 0216 4323220
Adampol Alinda: Cumhuriyet cad. No:23B Polonezkoy Tel:0216 432 31 56 Fax: 0216 4323 54
Polonezkoy Country Club: 75. Yil Sokagi No:106 Polonekoy, Tel: 0216 432 30 51
Hera Pension: Koyici Sok. No:9 Polonezkoy Tel:0216 432 31 83 Fax: 0216 4323184