Asian Side

Exotic Mixture of East and West.
Visit Asian part of Istanbul
    Further south along the Bosphorus towards the Sea of Marmara, Kadiköy has developed into a lively area with up-market shopping, eating and entertainment making it popular especially with wealthy locals. Once prominent in the history of Christianity, the 5th century hosted important consul meetings here, but there are few reminders of that age. It is one of the improved districts of Istanbul over the last century, and fashionable area to promenade along the waterfront in the evenings, especially around the Kalamis marina and “Sahilyolu” between Fenerbahce and Bostanci.

Those who spend all their time in European part of Istanbul, miss out on what great places exist in Asian Istanbul and Kadikoy must be somewhere at the top of that list. The pace of life alone makes Asia a worthwhile and what is more nice is as this part of this city is not Touristy, so you may not see tourist traps. On the Asian side of Istanbul main spots are the Kadikoy district, Bagdat Street Area and Fenerbahce district where the marina lays.

Kadikoy Market & Nostalgic Tram:

When you take a ferry from Eminonu to Kadikoy. (Ferries leave in every 15-20 minutes). You will see Kadikoy port after 25 minutes. The old historical theater building will be the first spot you can catch on arrival. Just step out the ferry and now you are in Asia. Sorry no welcome sign..

Once you are in Kadikoy, Walk to the right, on to the second port (old one) and when you are there turn yr back to the sea and walk to the front. Soon you will see the narrow streets of Kadikoy, you can walk along to the Kadikoy market, a nice and cozy place. You will see small roads with many nice shops. Walk to left and right and up and down. You will like to be in Asia. Try to get to Altiyol Square, from there take the road uphill. Bahariye Street is closed for car traffic and only a tram rides there. There are many nice budget shops and nice cafes. While you are going up the Bahariye street, look for the “Sanatcilar sokagi” where many nice handmade stuff, nice silver wears are being sold on a small open-air market.

In Kadikoy there is an old historical tram that runs between Kadikoy and Moda. It is the second nostalgic tram after the one at Taksim Istiklal street. This new Nostalgic tram connects the busy Kadikoy Market to Altiyol and also runs to Bahariye and Moda. Moda is one of the nicest districts of Istanbul.

As the tram makes a ring you can get on this tram and make a full tour. You can see Kadikoy market, You can see altiyol, You can see Moda and come back to where you have started or where you want to get off.

A visit to Kadikoy market can not be completed without a visit to “Ciya restaurant”. It is definitely the best restaurant that you can find historical Turkish dishes and several nice recipes with a quiet reasonable price. Ciya restaurant is located inside the Kadıkoy market.

Balloon Above Istanbul : If you plan to visit Istanbul, watch out this new activity which has started on September 15th. 2003. Watch Istanbul up above 200 meters in a Balloon. Turk Balloon is the project name and Kadikoy Municipality is arranging this activity. A huge balloon which can carry up to 30 people at one time is rising up 200 meters above the sea level. The balloon moves only up and down.

The Balloon is taking off near from the Sea bus port at Kadikoy, The Port on the Asian Side. If you take a ferry from Eminonu to Kadikoy, it will take you to Kadikoy ferry port in 25 minutes.. There you need to walk around 150 meters to the Sea bus port to the right side.. and the base for the Balloon is there.. Due to the size of the Balloon you can see it easily.

The price of the Balloon ride is 15 million TRL (15 YTL). Roughly 10,- USD. The balloon is operating from 09:00 to 18:00, however it is being affected from weather conditions. So windy and rainy days they do not operate.

Bagdat Street: It has nothing to do with the Capital city of Iraq, Baghdat. it is just the name of the most famous street of Asian side in Istanbul.

Bagdat caddesi is located on the Asian side of Istanbul. The main street of the residential area. A one-way street full of shopping malls, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Elegant stores, Luxury car dealers, Banks and many many more. The street is a bit like narrow looking of Champ Elysee. Bagdat caddesi is also a good place to tour around and make window shopping. Although there is no square, it is also the meeting point of young’s. On weekends and summer, the street is full with young’s, who are spending their spare times at cafes, on the street banks or elsewhere.

There are quiet number of shopping alternatives at the street. All famous brands have their brand shops and also some smaller shops with very reasonable cheap prices. Street sellers are also available and they are credited from the municipality. Many people call bagdat street as a big open air shopping mall. And that shall be the reality.

While touring on the street sometimes you can also spot open air Fair shows. Bagdat street from one end to the other is around 10 km, however the main spots are between Suadiye district and Erenkoy district.