Suleymaniye Mosque

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Suleymaniye Mosque
Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent commissioned the Suleymaniye Mosque, which was designed by Architect Sinan and built between the dates 1550-1557. This mosque is the central piece of a kulliya, which crowns one of the seven hills of Istanbul. This complex of buildings comprises a madrasa, a medical madrasa and hospital (dar’us sifa), a dining hall (dar’us ziyafe), a caravanserai, a bath, hospices (tabhana) and shops. It is the largest mosque in Istanbul

 Four minarets rise from the corners of the courtyard; are said to signify Salesman’s position as the fourth Ottoman ruler of Istanbul. And the ten balconies of the minarets indicate he was the tenth sultan to reign since Osman founded the Ottoman dynasty. The mosque has three entrances. Inside the mosque you will be dazzled. Suppose the best alternative after Blue mosque is the Salesman’s mosque and in the back garden, there lays the tombs of Süleyman and his Russian wife, Roxelana.

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