Maiden Tower

Dance with the rhythm of different cultures.
Maiden Tower, Leanders tower: (Kız Kulesi)
Maiden’s Tower or Leander’s Tower or as called in Turkish “Kizkulesi” is constructed 2500 years ago. It was built over a small rock located over the border of Marmara sea and Bosphorus it also takes place between Asian and Europan continents. The history of the tower begins from Ancient Greek civilizations and continues with Byzantium and Ottoman civilizations. Leander Tower is served as a light house and many stories were told about its history. One of the story is about the love between Hero and leandros. One night leandros was trying to reach to Tower by swimming to reach to his secret love. The light of Tower goes off and Leandros drawns when he was trying to meet his love.

Today leanders tower is used as a restaurant and cafe and with its perfect location it hosts locals and tourists. In order to reach the tower you need to pass to the Asian side by a ferry. Ferries leave from Eminonu to Uskudar and it takes around 15 minutes. From Uskudar ferry port, you need to walk next to the Tower and just across the tower small boats carries visitors to the tower. You can enjoy the beauty of the bosporus and have a snack if you want. I just want to remind that the prices are relatively high at the cafe.

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