By Cruise/Ferry to İstanbul

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Arriving Istanbul by Ferry
There are regular ferries to Istanbul from black sea ports, mostly operates during summer season and there are also Cruises from Aegean ports. Ferries from black sea ports are sailing from Odessa, Yalta, Sevastopol, Kherson, Yefpatorya and Novorrossisk.
Odessa – Istanbul

MV Gloria sails from Odessa to Istanbul every Monday at 17:00, MV Caledonia sails from Odessa to Istanbul every Saturday at 18:00 .  Contact: UKR Ferry: (MV Caledonia) 4a, Sabanskiy Lane, Odessa- Ukraine: Tel:+380 482 344 059

Yalta (Jalta) – Istanbul

MV Omega sails from Yalta (UKR) to Istanbul every Wednesday at 10:00, arrives Istanbul on Thursday at 11:00

Sevastopol (Akyar) – Istanbul

MV Sevastopol 1 sails from Sevastopol(UKR) to Istanbul every Sunday at 18:00 and arrives Istanbul on Monday at 09:00.

Kherson – Istanbul

MV Victoria sails from Kherson (UKR) to Istanbul .

Evpatoria (Yefpatorya) – Istanbul

MV Poisk sails from Efpatorya (UKR) to Istanbul

Novorossisk – Istanbul

MV Maria Yarmalova sails from Novorossisk to Istanbul  once in two weeks.

**Please note that timetables do change irregularly without notice.